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Partenrship Projects 2003: Transportation & Map
Transportation & Map
Transportation and Map
Partenrship Projects 2003: Eat, Drink and Shop
If you’d like to find some of Warsaw’s hidden gems, we can recommend a few very interesting places.

WDA was involved in:

Warsaw wrapping PKiN, Palace of Culture and Science WarsawWraPKiN – wrapping PKiN!

PKiN – shortcut for the Palace of Culture and Science, the most famous and most controvercial Warsaw’s buliding.

It was a great and spectacular project that unfortunatelly never saw the light of day. It was being prepared for May 1st 2004, for Poland’s and 9 other countries joining European Union. We wanted to involve Christo and Jean Claude, and using the idea of covering buildings (as they did with the Reichstag in Berlin) we wanted them to come to Warsaw and cover the Palace of Culture.

Second idea was to create a dress for the PKiN. This would need the involvement of a fashion designer, so we talked to famous  Polish designer, Arkadius. We thought also of lighntening the building with art and with famous Krzysztof Wodiczko, and finally of covering the Palace with the special balloons walls which then on May 1st 2004 would be released into the air.

Due to short time, the gentle structure of the building, the lack of will of cooperation or the scepticism of some, or which ever reason, this project never happened… But was a real pleasure to work on…


the Palace of Culture and Sciencethe Palace of Culture and Sciencethe Palace of Culture and Sciencethe Palace of Culture and Science

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