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City Fee Policy & Procedure: Transportation & Map
Transportation & Map
Transportation and Map
City Fee Policy & Procedure: Eat, Drink and Shop
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Raise funds to support the marketing activities of “Warsaw Destination Alliance”


To outline the procedure for collecting Warsaw Destination City fee from hotels customers and transferring the funds to WDA in compliance with the Polish tax requirements and the internal hotel and system needs


A. General:

1. The collection of the fee is subject of the customers acceptance to pay and is considered voluntarily donated by the Hotel’s guests.
2. Hotel guest can at any point state their wish NOT TO participate in the program.
3. The amounts will equal to EUR 1 (one) per room per night
4. The Front Desk staff will be prepared to explain the purpose of the charge, in case any guests questions it.
5. Charges will be readily rebated by Front office should the customer wishes NOT to participate.

B. Property Management system set up.

1. The Warsaw Destination Donation will be set up as a package element for the rate
2. The package element will be set for all market segments with the exception of : 
i. Groups
ii. Crews
iii. Long stay
iv. Tour series and one time tours
v. Polish guests and companies
3. The package will be posted during the night audit on the first night of stay
4. The package element will be posted for the whole length of stay of the hotel guest on the first night of stay. The number of nights shall not exceed 14
5. The charge will be posted under a separate department code  ( XXXX) established by the hotel’s accounting department
6. The charge will not be taxable
7. The charge will show also at the bottom of the bill in the summary line with 0 tax to it. The amount will be presented on the face of the invoice, just below the charges for normal hotel services.

C. Front office procedure

1. Warsaw Destination Alliance(WDA) promotional materials will be clearly displayed at the Front Desk and in the Guest rooms. Where possible the hotel in-room TV information programs will promote WDA as well.
2. During the night audit the equivalent of 1 EURO posted in local currency at the exchange rate of the day as set in the hotel’s PMS ( Property Management system) will be posted on the guest folio. The charge will show on the customer’s information bill as well as on the invoice presented on the individual guest The invoice including this charge will be printed automatically from the Property Management System ( Opera, Fidelio, other).
3. Front desk associates will be in position to explain the purpose of the charge to anyone who would inquire.
4. Upon check out the Front Desk shall inquire if the guest has reviewed his/her charges and offer to print information bill.
5. The WDA City fee will show on the first day of the stay as a one off charge
6. In case the customer is not prepared to pay the fee the front desk associate shall thank the customer and rebate the charge  The invoice will be then printed without it and presented to the customer.
7. Should the customer have no objection to paying the charge the invoice will be printed and processed as per the hotel procedure.

D. Accounting procedure

1. The charge will work as an additional tax imposed on the net revenue -  so the guest will be able to calculate his base room rate by deducting from the total gross revenue : -  normal VAT tax and “WDA“ charge
2. The amount will be not subject to VAT.  The hotels will only act as funds collector.
3. The amounts collected will not be included in the Hotels revenue (not subject to CIT)
4. Charges shall be stated as liability on the Hotel Balance Sheet. A separate reconciliation account will be also created in the Hotel’s accounting system. The account will be reconciled every month.
5. Cash will be deposited on the Hotel’s bank account as any other proceeds,  and a one monthly transfer of funds will be done to Warsaw Destination Alliance B - Levy account in PLN……………………………………..
6. The transfer will take place on the 10th  business day in the month proceeding the month where the levy was collected.  An information will be passed to the WDA Treasurer two (2) business days into the month proceeding the month where the levy has been collected detailing the amount collected to be paid on the 10th business day.

E: Other:

1. Leaflets and any other material will be paid by the WDA and distributed to the hotels as  and when required.
2. The hotel shall not resign  from applying the fee to the room rates as described above without notifying WDA minimum of 90 days prior to executing the change.
3. The Front Office Manager will be responsible to ensure that materials are available and at all times and staff is capable of handing questions and rebates.


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