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See what's going on in Warsaw during your stay in the city.
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Tourism: sightseeing in Warsaw: Transportation & Map
Transportation & Map
Transportation and Map
Tourism: sightseeing in Warsaw: Eat, Drink and Shop
If you’d like to find some of Warsaw’s hidden gems, we can recommend a few very interesting places.

Tourism: sightseeing in Warsaw: Tourism: sightseeing in Warsaw

Tourism: sightseeing in Warsaw

When coming to Warsaw for the first time, you will be astonished looking at the modern sky scrapers rising next to creepy communist buildings, seeing elegant businessmen passing old people with their trolleys. We know…. Warsaw is the city of paradoxes... However when you learn more about it’s tempestuous past and get to know what Polish soul is, you will start to understand it better.

During the II World War 85% of the city was destroyed, rebuilt later in ‘fusion’ style, Warsaw is the capital of Poland, fastest developing business centre of the country, as well as the new destination for the tourists willing to discover its hidden beauty. Believe us that you will be surprised with Warsaw and if you take some effort, you will find a new fascinating place for yourself. 

You may start exploring Warsaw with its hisorical landmarks-  the Old Town full of historic monuments and the Royal Castle that are the oldest parts of the city. Pop in to the beautiful and relaxing Lazienki Park and later inspect Wilanow Palace – a testimony to Poland’s magnificent past.

There are two must see museums which will extend your knowledge of Warsaw's history -  the Museum of History located in the Old Town as well as the Warsaw Uprising Museum which has the best collection of historical mementos from the II World War.
Art lovers should visit  Warsaw’s Zachęta Gallery, one of the leading contemporary galleries in the country, and frequently the site of attractive exhibitions.

Having in mind Polish religiousness  take a tour of Warsaw churches and trace Polish history through ecclesiastical monuments.   

Warsaw used to be the home city for thousands of Jews who were tragically exterminated in the Warsaw Ghetto during the war. Jewish Warsaw is a must see for all interested in the history of the city.

As you know Chopin was born near Warsaw, and the city is full of his music. You can visit Zelazowa Wola – the village  where he was born, or just go for a Summer concert of Chopin music next to his monument in Lazienki Park. Remember that in 2010 there will be the 200 anniversary of Chopin’s birthday, so mark your calendar now because the famous composer will be celebrated in the city in various forms all year long.

Another face of Warsaw presents the Palace of Culture and Science (PKIN)  that is Warsaw’s definitive landmark. Americans call PKIN the Empire State Building of Warsaw and for the Varsovians is a great embodiment of the communistic past. PKIN is now an official monument and you should inspect it’s rooms as well as go up to the viewing terrace on the 30th floor which during summer on Fridays and Saturdays is open up to 11.45 pm.

Last but not least –  tired after sightseeing experience Warsaw’s great restaurants and cafés and try the Polish cuisine – it’s not what you think! 

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