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See what's going on in Warsaw during your stay in the city.
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Welcome Festival
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About Warsaw: Transportation & Map
Transportation & Map
Transportation and Map
About Warsaw: Eat, Drink and Shop
If you’d like to find some of Warsaw’s hidden gems, we can recommend a few very interesting places.

About Warsaw: About Warsaw

About Warsaw

An old legend says there once stood a small hut in the midst of the forest where a young boy and girl by the names of Wars and Sawa lived. In honor of their love, they decided to unite their lives and names and  founded the city of WARSZAWA.

The capital of Poland since 1596, Warsaw had been called the “Paris of Eastern Europe” throughout the 1930's. Unfortunately, it was almost entirely destroyed during World War II. Today,  Warsaw is working hard to recapture its former stature. Currently expanding at incredible speed, new buildings sprout like mushrooms after the rain! Modern skyscrapers, luxury hotels, apartment complexes and shopping malls arise amidst old communist buildings,  pre-war architecture and the reconstructed Old Town.

The variety of architecture observed in Warsaw mirrors the different phases of Polish History in the last century. On the right bank of the Vistula River in the Praga district, one can still see bullet holes in buildings dating from before the war. On the left bank, the Palace of Culture and the MDM district are blatant reminders of Poland's 45 years of communist domination. The ultramodern buildings are the most important reflection of Warsaw's rebirth and entry into the contemporary European world. Finally, in honor of Polish Kings, the historical parks along the the Royal Road were rebuilt after the war. Today, this road remains one of Warsaw's main arteries that runs from the old Town to the Lazenki Palace.

Warsaw now welcomes many visitors both as an important business center and a frequent tourist destination. It is becoming a modern metropolis, bustling with energy and life. Music festivals, international cultural exhibitions and artistic events are taking place, many new restaurants offer international quality cuisine. Besides it's exciting urban lifestyle, Warsaw's inhabitants and tourists can enjoy the numerous parks and the unique wild riversides of the Vistula that give a natural feel to this budding European capital.

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