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If you’d like to find some of Warsaw’s hidden gems, we can recommend a few very interesting places.

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Polish National Opera

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Meeting Rooms
In This Venue
Stanislaw Moniuszko Audytorium
Emil Mlynarski Audytorium
Redutowa Room
Polish National Opera
1 Teatralny Sq.
00-950 Warsaw
Phone:+48 22 692 05 18
Fax:+48 22 826 04 23
Polish National Opera
The most beautiful venue in Poland, with the greatest prestige, perfect for holding your special events.
The world’s largest stage. The largest foyer in Poland. The Theatre’s location in the city centre, close to a Metro station, near the Old Town, next to two car parks for 300 cars each, makes this the perfect venue for holding your event, whether it is:
- a concert
- a congress
- an exhibition
or any other special event.

Detailed Info - Capacity
- Official component - Conference 4
- Artistic component 3
- Banquet 8
Restaurants Other facilities
- When renting the Theatre, which features the world’s largest stage with 2,500 square meters of space, you will also be able to use the greatest stage technology - 6 hydraulic two-level trap doors, up-stage areas with mobile revolving stage, two side areas with 4 trolleys each, a system of 119 battens for hanging decorations, professional lighting equipment and sound equipment. The Theatre’s projection booth additionally features three 35 mm cinema projectors.
- For music concerts, the Theatre offers the use of concert pianos, tubular bells, kettledrums, an electric organ, chairs for musicians, and music stands.
- Hotel base of 10 rooms, and a holiday centre in the Mazurian town of Wiartel
- Professional workshops producing stage elements, sets, and costumes (including woodworking, metalworking, setbuilding, millinery, shoemaking,tailoring, wig-making workshops etc.), giving you the possibility of commissioning scenery for your special events or using what is already available (scenery and costume warehouses)
Equipment Floor Plans
- 20 PC 2kW units
- 20 PC 1kW units
- 7 ETC S-4 750W profile lanterns, 5 degrees
- 30 ETC S-4 Zoom 750W profile lanterns
Moniuszki Room
Redutowa Room
Mlynarski Room
All Meeting Rooms
Theatre Classroom Banquet Cocktail U Shape
Stanislaw Moniuszko Audytorium 0 0 0 1860 0
Emil Mlynarski Audytorium 0 0 0 248 0
Redutowa Room 0 0 0 250 0

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