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See what's going on in Warsaw during your stay in the city.
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Walking Art Tour: Transportation & Map
Transportation & Map
Transportation and Map
Walking Art Tour: Eat, Drink and Shop
If you’d like to find some of Warsaw’s hidden gems, we can recommend a few very interesting places.

Art in the public space


Warsaw Full of Art

Warsaw Full of Art - 4th edition of Walking Art Tour project

Walking Art Tour is an unusual way of reaching people with art. In this project pieces of art are shown in the public spaces e.g.: in the subway, at shopping centers, in the streets and… on the  facades of buildings. The most spectacular part of the project will be an amazing illumination of works of art!

Each night from November 23rd till December 6th Warsaw citizens and tourists will have the opportunity to see works of artists. Pieces of art will be projected at buildings situated in the centre of the city, including Warsaw’s most famous building: Palace of Science and Culture.

Warsaw Full of ArtThe Walking Art Tour project is organized by Warsaw Destination Alliance foundation. The project’s main partner and organizer of the illuminations is The City of Warsaw.

Where to see: on the facades of Novotel Hotel and Palace of Science and Culture

When to see: from November 23rd – to December 6th 2007.

Walking Art Tour Illuminations Timetable:  WAT Illuminations Calendar.pdf [118.61 KB] Walking Art Tour

Information for Warsaw Citizens / INFORMACJA DLA WARSZAWIAKOW:  Regulamin Konkursu Warszawa Ubrana w Sztuke.pdf [108.44 KB]



Walking Art Tour - was started in 2004 by Warsaw Destination Alliance  to promote Warsaw as an interesting place to visit for the individual art lovers. The project was aimed to present to the Warsaw inhabitants, hotel guests, businessmen and the art lovers the art works of the  artists of different disciplines.

Walking Art TourEvery year WAT creates unique atmosphere of art all over the city presenting the artists’ works  in such unusual places like the hotels, metro stations or office buildings.

Summary of the three editions of Walking Art Tour:

In 2004 nine artists from Warsaw and one from Greece presented their works in WDA member hotels. This editon was coordinated by Magda Wicherkiewicz.

In 2005 there were twenty two art exhibitions of thirty artists including two from the Netherlands and three  foreigners living in Warsaw. The exhibitions were organized in WDA member hotels and the commercial buildings. This editon wasWalking Art Tour coordinated by Magda Wicherkiewicz.
Joanna Zastróżna, Tryptyk

In 2006 there was twenty four art exhibitions in WDA hotels, commercial buildings, art galleries and public places like  the Intercity train cars or the underground stations. For the first time the event has the prestigious patrons: President of Warsaw  – Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz and the National Centre of Culture. This edition was coordinated by Jowita Kiepas - Szaniawska

Zebra, Sylwia Kościk Piwowar & Przemek Piwowar

Walking Art TourThe 2007 edition will be a combination of traditional exhibition of art and the presentation of art in the city’s open space – we want to illuminate the art works on the major Warsaw buildings. We hope that in the future the Walking Art Tour lighting  will attract millions of foreign tourists wishing to experience art shown in such unusual open air way.
Jowita Kiepas - Szaniawska is the coordinator of this project.

If you need more information, or would like to get involved, please contact Jowita: [email protected]


Walking Art TourWalking Art TourWalking Art Tour Walking Art Tour

M.Kędzierski,Oczekiwanie czerwone      I.Jaroszewska,Paryz                  P.F. Stefankiewicz, Cynamonowe miasto           R.Kostrzewa, Melony

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