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Welcome Festival
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International Media Campaigns: Transportation & Map
Transportation & Map
Transportation and Map
International Media Campaigns: Eat, Drink and Shop
If you’d like to find some of Warsaw’s hidden gems, we can recommend a few very interesting places.

Promotion Campaigns

The WDA has already run 6 international media campaigns with investment in BBC World, CNN, CNN.com, International Herald Tribune and IHT.com

2007 campaigns

WDA and its partners: CEPIF, LOT and POT will launch in September - November 2007 another international advertising campaign on BBC World. The spot will feature a re-edited version of the very successful 'Wake up to Warsaw' creative.  The campaign will be jointly financed by all partners.



2006 campaigns Wake up to Warsaw, Warsaw

          •  April - May: the 'Let's Warsaw Together' spot was aired on BBC World.  
          •  October - November: WDA run another campaign on BBC World with the  humurous  tailored made spot "Wake up to Warsaw" created by BBC World. The spot featured grey mannequins promoting Warsaw as a conference destination. This advertising spot broke the mould of typical destination advertising! CLICK HERE BBC_2006.mpg 


BBC World research for the 2006 spring campaign showed that: "The advertisment 'Lets Warsaw Together' altered the perceptions of 26% of viewers of Warsaw as a holiday destination and 15% as a business destination.

The awareness results of Warsaw as  business and leisure destination for the full year 2006, after the airing of the 'Wake up to Warsaw' spot in October - November reached 24 %. CLICK HERE  Wake_up_to_Warsaw.mpg
(Source: BBC World Global Impact Tracker May 2006 and January 2007)




The two TV campaigns in 2006 were supported by:

          • six week internet campaigns than ran on IHT.com
          • print ads in the International Herald Tribune



2004 campaigns Warsaw 2004 campaigns

          • March - April:  internet campaign on CNN.com promoting Warsaw and the Beethoven Festival.
          • June - AugustBBC World   campaign titled 'Lets Warsaw Together'. CLICK HERE Lets_Warsaw_Together.mpg
          • October - November: WDA featured on CNN International with advertising campaign titled  'Lets Meet in Warsaw'


BBC World 2004 research showed  that awarness of Warsaw as a  destination rose to 18% in Europe.
(Source: BBC World Global Impact Tracker 2004)


General Viewer Comments of WDA' Lets Warsaw Together' spot:

"It was promoting Poland as a modern destination which keeps up with international standards."

"It was advertising Warsaw as the new cosmo - city of Europe, and Poland in general as the new place to be and do business in."

"It was showing that Warsaw is changing, but is keeping the sense of old time." 

(Source: BBC World Viewers Panel Survey, May 2006 )

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