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Welcome Festival
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Partnership Projects 2007: Transportation & Map
Transportation & Map
Transportation and Map
Partnership Projects 2007: Eat, Drink and Shop
If you’d like to find some of Warsaw’s hidden gems, we can recommend a few very interesting places.

Partnership Projects 2007: WDA was involved in:

WDA was involved in:


Henrik von Arnold Destination Marketing Presentation

Henrik von Arnold, destination marketing specialist from Vienna

On December 6th Warsaw Destination Alliance hosted Henrik von Arnold, destination marketing specialist from Vienna. During the meeting, that took place in the Hyatt Regency Warsaw Hotel, a group of WDA members and guests listened to Henrik’s presentation on public & private cooperation and marketing strategy for regions. Analysing the case of Goteborg, Henrik von Arnold, who is an adviser and consultant to the meeting industry with focus on convention bureaux and a former Director of Goteborg Convention Bureau, presented how this city has grown from an unknown destination to a very well promoted region.


Some major points, made by Henrik, are:

• Putting resources together makes us stronger and more visible.

• It is the destination that is the prime factor - not the different parts of it.

• It takes time!


In 2003 Henrik von Arnold was awarded the Swedish Meeting Market (SHIE) Scholarship, with following motivation:”for business intelligence and efforts beyond conventional boundaries. Henrik von Arnold has, through his commitment and motivation promptly placed Göteborg Convention Bureau, and with that Göteborg, as one of the leading meeting cities in Europe. The organisation has hereby also been acknowledged, in a very positive manner, in international media.”

 Photo: Rafał Meszka



Forum of Outsourcing Roadshow – Poland as European Service Hub

Warsaw Destination Alliance is a partner of Roadshow Polska organizing the next – already third – edition of ”Forum of Outsourcing Roadshow – Poland as European Service Hub” which will take place on October 24th, 2007 in Warsaw in the InterContinental Hotel. The goal of this conference is to promote Poland as a modern European BPO service centre (in particular to promote cities like Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań and Szczecin), as well as to present the latest trends on the outsourcing market, both in Poland and internationally, and to exchange opinions and experience with representatives of various business branches. Outsourcing leaders in different fields will be presented. Changes of the recent years will come under review.

Detailed information on the conference at www.roadshowpolska.pl

24th October 2007, Warsaw, Poland, InterContinental Hotel

More information:
Roadshow Polska Sp. z o.o.
Ul. Pastewna 27C, 02-954 Warsaw
Phone.: +48 22 498 92 77, 357 09 77
E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]



Warsaw Destination Alliance and Johnson Diversey White Lily restaurant hygene project

The Warsaw Destination Alliance as a patron of the White Lily project is helping Johnson Diversey gain acceptance of the principal that restaurant hygene is of paramount in building a positive image of the city - destination.

The White Lily project intends to improve the hygiene standards of restaurnats and cafes in Warsaw with the involvement of the municipality authorities and private partners.


More information:
Johnson Diversey Polska
Beata Mularska - Marketing Director
tel. + 48 22 328 10 32
[email protected]


Warsaw Destination Alliance and CEPIF, June 6 - 10, 2007

WDA supports redNet/CEPIF in the promotion and organisation of their international property fairs - through engaging our international media partners in the marketing of CEPIF and providing them with on the ground logistical support.

CEPIF is the biggest property fair in Central - Eastern Europe.  2008 editoin will be held on June 9 -10.

More information :
Richard Stephens - CEPIF Organiser
ul. 1 Spierpnia 6a
02 - 134 Warsaw
Tel. + 48 22 318 72 17
[email protected]


            Notes.from.Warsaw.2007 supported by WDA

Notes.from.Warsaw.2007Notes.from.Warsaw.2007 - is a specific book - guide written by Bec Zmiana Foundation, dedicated to local inhabitants and foreign visitors wishing to discover the unknown Warsaw. For the editors Warsaw is 'the cut-and-paste city', made up of many different layers that need to be explored.

On line version of notes.from.Warsaw is available at http://notesfromwarsaw.blog.spot.com


WDA - partner of URBANATOR DAYS, June 2007

URBANATOR DAYS, was an exciting undertaking of The International Production Group UBX that took place in June 2007. The event was addressed to musically talented youth, offering them a unique opportunity to debut their talent on stage with top professional jazz musicians. The project consisted of the all-day music workshop for the young musicians lead by Michal Urbaniak and his six-man band from New York and London and the concert of the artists performing together wiht the best young talent.

More information: www.urbaniak.com


Investment Opportunities realted to EURO 2012”, Marriott Hotel ,22.06.2007

Investment Opportunities realted to EURO 2012

WDA cooprated with EUROBUILD POLAND which was the organizer of the special conference related to the hottest nowadays topic of EURO 2012 championships that will be held in Poland. Special Guests from Portugal shared their experience from 2004 when they hosted the event.

phone +48 22 356 25 00, fax: +48 22 356 25 01


Taste of Warsaw, 15 - 17.06.2007

WDA was a partner of this year Taste of Warsaw Festival that was held on June 15 - 17. 80 000 Varsovians visited Pola Mokotowskie and participated in the first Warsaw’s culinary event. Next year event is planned to be international, similar to these in Chicago, Boston or London.

More information:
Tomasz Grodecki
MMT Management
tel.: (022) 638-09-86
[email protected]

Bill Viola Exhibition at Zachęta National Gallery of Art, May 12 – July 1, 2007

Bill Viola’s exhibition in Zacheta was the first in Poland individual presentation of artworks of this outstanding American artist and pioneer of the video art. For over 35 years of his work Viola created many breakthrough movies, video installations engaging viewers’ intellectual, emotional and sensual levels. His visualizations show the shape and place of a man in the world and touch the fundamental existential issues. His inspirations are his travels, poetry and philosophy, Christian Mysticism, Islamic Sufism, and Zen Buddhism.

More information: www.zacheta.art.pl


Philodophy Made in Poland! Creatio Ex Legendo Festival, May 2007 

Creatio Ex Legendo Festival

WDA was a part of the educational project called LEGO LOGOS! Great philospohers are read to children who then build their visions out of Lego blocks! Festival was visited by several hundred of participants from all over the world! The project will be continued in future and WDA will keep on supporting the idea.

  • In 2008 building hundreds of 12 meter high Philosophical Totems - symbolic road signs to a happy life!
  • In 2009 – the Colour of Philosophy – the restoration of a run down part of Warsaw according to artistic and pfilosophical visions of children!
  • And finally in 2010 The International Academy of Philosophy in Warsaw will be created


Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival11th Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival
25 March - 6 April 2007

For the 4th time WDA supported the Beethoven Festival in organisation of the accommodation for the music lovers.

In the programme of the 11th Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival, entitled Beethoven, music and literature – apart from the concerts of the most eminent virtuosos and orchestras from all continents - there was a Special Jazz Concert: on 25 March in Teatr Wielki - Polish National Opera performed by the greatest Polish jazz musicians such as Michał Urbaniak, Grażyna Auguścik, Anna Maria Jopek, Andrzej Jagodziński Trio, Urszula Dudziak. The concert was broadcasted on the screen in Plac Teatralny. As a part of the Festival there was a number of accompanying events, exhibitions and workshops.


WDA participated already in the following MICE fairs:

  • February 2007 - EMIF in Brussels
  • February 2007 - CONFEX in London
  • March 2007 - ITB in Berlin
  • May 2007 - IMEX in Frankfurt

Planned fair:
November 2007 - EIBTM in Barcelona


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