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Railways: Transportation & Map
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Railways: Getting to Warsaw by train

Getting to Warsaw by train

Travelling by train in Poland is a comfortable and convenient experience in terms of ticket cost and the range and frequency of services.

Three are three main railway stations in Warsaw:
Dworzec Zachodni (Warszawa Zachodnia, Warsaw - West),
Dworzec Centralny (Warszawa Centralna, Warsaw Central Station),
Dworzec Wschodni (Warszawa Wschodnia, Warsaw - East).

The city’s other stations are only served by local trains.

Warsaw - West and the Central Station are located in the city centre, whilst Warsaw – East is in the Praga district, on the eastern side of the Vistula river. Direct services connect the three stations. Almost every major city in Poland, as well as many others elsewhere in Europe, is served from Warsaw’s Central Station (e.g. Berlin, Brussels, Prague, Moscow).

All the trains are operated by Polish State Railways (Polskie Koleje Państwowe, PKP), www.pkp.pl  with long distance national services provided by InterCity and Express trains (such as to Gdańsk, Poznań, Wrocław, Kraków). For a lower fare (and longer travelling time – they stop at many stations en-route) Pospieszny trains can be taken.
Suburban and local trains are indicated by the title Osobowy.

Typical rail fares on European routes:

Full fare: PLN 144.32 (EUROCITY train)
Reduced fare: PLN 108.24

Full fare: EUR 113.6 (EURONIGHT train)
Reduced fare: EUR 85.3

Typical rail fares on national routes:

Tickets for travelling by Intercity – prefix IC:

Full fare: PLN 88.20
Reduced fare: PLN 47 + PLN 18 PLN (seat reservation charge)

Full fare: PLN 86
Reduced fare: PLN 46 + PLN 18 (seat reservation charge)

Full fare: PLN 93 PLN
Reduced fare: PLN 52.20 + PLN 18 (seat reservation charge)

Full fare: 86 PLN
Reduced fare: PLN 46 + PLN 18 (seat reservation charge)

Journeys on Express trains cost about 10 pct less than Intercity services. The full fare includes the seat reservation charge.
First-class fares are 50 pct more expensive than second class travel on Polish trains.

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