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See what's going on in Warsaw during your stay in the city.
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Funny Places: Transportation & Map
Transportation & Map
Transportation and Map
Funny Places: Eat, Drink and Shop
If you’d like to find some of Warsaw’s hidden gems, we can recommend a few very interesting places.

Funny Places: Funny Places in Warsaw

Funny Places in Warsaw

Milk bars
In other words, ‘Bar mleczny’. These places are a typically Polish remainder of the communist era, with a surviving atmosphere of the old days inside. Don’t be mislead by its name, as it is only customary. The bars began to appear in the late 40’s, as food centers for the poor. A few years later, there were hundreds of them. There is a whole chain of Bary Mleczne in many cities and towns. In the milk bars you can get very cheap and tasty food, especially if you want to try something authentic such as soups, pancakes, pierogi or cutlets as well as non-alcoholic drinks. You can eat a filling meal for as little as a dollar… so don’t expect anyone there to speak English ;) The customers of such bars are not just the elderly or the poor as some would think. Business men in suits and students are more and more often seen here, grabbing a bite before class or a meeting.

Here are some Milk Bars worth a visit:
- Złota Kurka, ul. Marszałkowska 55/73 (Center)
- Prasowy, ul. Marszałkowska 10/16 (Center)
- Bar Uniwersytecki, ul. Krakowskie Przedmiescie 16 (Center)
- Bambino, ul. Krucza 21 (Center)
- Familijny, ul. Nowy Świat 39 (Center)
- Marymont, ul. Marymoncka 49 (Żoliborz)
- Sady, corner of ul. Broniewskiego and ul. Krasińskiego st. (Żoliborz)
- Gościnny, ul. Slowackiego 26 (Żoliborz)

Bazar Różyckiego
 It is located in Praga, on the right side of the river Vistula. A long time ago, cow stomach soup and dumplings famous all over Warsaw were served here. Today, it has lost a lot of its atmosphere, but it’s still a place with a soul of pre WWII Warsaw. The name Bazar Różyckiego comes from pharmacist, Julian Józef Różycki, who became the landlord of a wide square around the streets Targowa, Ząbkowska, Brzeska and Kępna in 1901. With time, this location became the modern day market. Here, you can meet salesmen offering slightly dodgy things, a full range of gold chains, Tadek- a harmonica player with a broken nose, and many, many others. Everyone carries a piece of old day Praga. 

Koło is a flea market located in the Koło district. Here you can purchase all kinds of old junk such as furniture, cutlery, paintings, jewellery, books, as well as other antiques. It’s a great place to haggle and banter to get the price you want and as Poles say “buy it or not, it’s good to haggle.”

The amazing and vast changes made in the so-called ugliest and most dangerous district of Warsaw came as a shock to everyone. Continually changing and being restored, it is overcoming a huge metamorphosis. Shopping centers, sports centers, cafes, apartments, business, clubs, and galleries are all going up by the second, attracting new inhabitants and earning its name as the ‘artsy’ district of Warsaw. A huge influence of this, were the prices in the area of premises, as well as the worldly snobbery of locating offices and restaurants in old buildings signifying history and architecture. Praga is also filling with new, trendy and atmospheric clubs, where party goers head on the weekends as well as artists go to check out the newest exhibitions in one the numerous galleries.

Fabryka Trzciny
Coinciding with Praga, Fabryka Trzciny is an Artistic Center, with art-education in an old, restored factory located in north Praga at 14 Otwocka Street. It was built in 1916 and is one of the oldest industrial objects on the right shore of the Vistula. It now contains an entertainment room, a club, a theatre, a gallery, a restaurant and a conference- exhibition room, providing musical, traditional, and avant-garde events. It is also used as scenery for shoots, commercials, and TV programs. It was discovered by composer, music and film producer- Wojciech Trzciński, hence the name Fabryka Trzciny.


Fabryka Trzciny

Fabryka TrzcinyFabryka Trzciny


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